We deliver auto parts to your doorstep.

We are SantouBuhinShoukai Inc., an auto parts specialty store in Minami Koiwa, which has been in business for about 60 years and works together with more than 200 customers (maintenance and repair shops, auto dealers, etc.).
We sell both new and used auto parts from domestic and foreign manufacturers.
We have the knowledge, experience, and specialized routes to find the parts that you can't find in specialized magazines or on the web.
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Three Reasons to Choose Us

Reason 1

Certain eyes nurtured by love for cars

Our employees, many of whom are car enthusiasts, are familiar with various parts distribution channels, so we are able to secure the parts you need not only from our own inventory, but also through various channels, and deliver them quickly.

Reason 2

Procurement capabilities, including interchangeable and used products

For parts for old and rare cars for which genuine parts are no longer readily available, we will search for compatible or used parts and provide them to you.

Reason 3

Detailed after-sales service

We do not just deliver parts and call it a day. Used and rebuilt parts in particular have a different service life (mileage) than genuine new parts, so we include information on this point and the estimated time for the next replacement.


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Office Hours 9:00-18:00 (JST)